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Addressing malnutrition and access to safe drinking water through  social business incubator.


During their first meeting in 2006, Franck Riboud and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus discovered a mutual passion for innovative business models. They decided to co-create a new business in Bangladesh together, a business with an explicit social purpose. As a result, Grameen Danone Foods was born: a business aiming to address two main social issues: fighting malnutrition and safe access to clean drinking water.

That first social enterprise became the founding project of the danone.communities fund, Danone’s incubator for social businesses, bringing  finance and skills to local entrepreneurs. Today, nine social businesses are supported by danone.communities, together improving the daily life of over one million people around the world.


”We need a new type of business that pursues goals other than making personal profit – a business that is totally dedicated to solving social and environmental problems.” Pr. Muhammad Yunus, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 2006

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million recipients


social impact over the last nine years


Danoners in France choose to invest in the danone.communities mutual fund

danone.communities is also an active contributor to the wider social business movement. Danone learnt that the key to growing successful social businesses lies in co-creating solutions with a worldwide community of experts, committed young people, universities, banks and NGOs, such as CARE, the Red Cross, Gain, and Gret.. In France, the team partners with Ticket for Change, Make Sense, and Groupe SOS and at international level, danone.communities, co-facilitates flagship events such as the Global Social Business Summit and Convergences.

Our projects around the world

danone.communities is now investing in nine social businesses in seven countries: Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, France, India, Mexico and Senegal. One key focus is the need to tackle access to safe water and malnutrition. This challenge requires continuous innovation in order to serve low income communities – many who live on less than $4 a day – with very high quality products.

That is why danone.communities chose to adopt a very collaborative way of working. Sharing, learning and co-building are the key ingredients of a vibrant community of social entrepreneurs, striving to improve what they do, whether that is micro-distribution, marketing, finance or technology.



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