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We aim to co-build healthy water cycles that work in harmony with local ecosystems and communities.

Water is a precious and increasingly scarce resource we must protect. Doing so,  preserving water quality and respecting the natural water cycle are all part of Danone’s social responsibility, as is ensuring people’s access to water.

To achieve these interconnected goals, at Danone we seek to build in responsible practices at every stage of the water value chain. Many of these issues go beyond the scope of Danone’s own activities so we foster coalitions with water users, experts and local governments to co-create innovative and restorative actions.


compliance in all Water Division sites by 2020 (Danone "Clean Water Standards" for waste water)


reduction of water consumption in factories by 2020


coverage in Water Division by 2020 for water footprint measurement

Water use

Our immediate priority wherever we use water is to improve the efficiency of water use and reduce the impact of industrial processes on its quality. Our goal is to manage water quality and quantity risks at the watershed level and return all wastewater to natural ecosystems clean.

Water in agriculture

Danone’s water footprint is larger in our agricultural raw materials. We therefore promote and work to establish agricultural practices that respect natural ecosystems and water cycles, in order to secure a sustainable business growth.  Farmers, other businesses and agricultural communities are our key partners to develop these water-efficient farming systems.

Water resources

Danone’s goal is to protect watersheds and their natural ecosystems to ensure the sustainability of water resources where we operate, especially in water-stressed areas. We will keep protecting water-related ecosystems, such as wetlands, with targeted investment and by working locally with stakeholders to develop approaches to sustainable water which promote responsibility and stewardship.

Water availability

We recognize that this issue is not ours to fix alone, but we are fully committed to finding solutions with others. Using our commercial leverage, we’re promoting entrepreneurial approaches to ensure that local communities continue to have access to safe, sustainable water sources, wherever they are and whatever their needs.