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Better for our people

People are Danone's greatest assets in achieving our mission and addressing the new challenges our world faces.

We believe that attracting, developing and retaining employees who reflect the diversity of our businesses and the communities in which they operate, is vital to our success. We want to transform our talent management model in order to build a high-performing, diverse and agile team for Danone, based on each person’s unique qualities. We are also committed to offering our people a safe working environment, health and well-being programs, and professional development opportunities. These commitments apply to all geographies where we operate.

Danone’s people are united by our five values of humanism, openness, proximity, enthusiasm and self-awareness which they bring to their work every day. We focus on providing better life conditions for our people by working on four key areas.



Social dialogue: a springboard to sustainable success and company transformation

As Danone CEO Emmanuel Faber says, “regular dialogue between management and labor are an integral part of Danone’s corporate culture and our dual commitment to social progress and business success.” Social dialogue is a lever to support employees in the on-going process to transform our company’s performance. For several years now, this dialogue has been carried out at on an international scale through worldwide agreements with labor unions. Signing these agreements ensures working conditions are continuously improved. It is key to Danone and the “Danoners” success.


The connection between Danone and the IUF (International Union of Food and Allied Workers), the largest international food industry union, is part of Danone’s commitment to taking an inclusive approach in fulfilling its social and economic obligations. This relationship goes back more than 40 years, since 1976 and is a constant source of innovation for the rights of the Danone employees. After having extended the discussions from European level to the rest of the world in 2009, Danone and the IUF announced in 2016, the signing of a tenth agreement, dedicated specifically to sustainable employment.  


Providing a safe working environment and a better health

In a constantly evolving economic and social environment, adapting to health and safety challenges is a priority for Danone. Every day, our business works to guarantee a safe working environment for all employees.  To do so, everyone who works in Danone is asked to personally contribute to our culture of safety at all our sites, all over the world. Access to health education and health care is also available to every “Danoner” and to date over 70,000 employees in 25 countries have benefitted from our Dan’Cares program.

DAN’CARES Health coverage for all 

60% of Danone employees live in emerging countries where healthcare systems are often expensive to access. In order to protecting Danone people’s health and wellbeing, in 2009, the Dan’Cares program was launched to provide health coverage to all our employees worldwide for hospitalization and surgery, maternity care, medical exams and pharmacy services.

WISE “Work In Safe Environment” 

Danone is committed into keeping every people who works for the company safe. Since 2004, in order to promote safe working environments, we have developed a worldwide program called WISE, with the aim of developing a safety culture at all of Danone’s sites and to significantly reduce the number and seriousness of workplace accidents. Thanks to this program, Danoners are empowered to manage their safety and that of their colleagues. In 2015, Danone enhanced this program, renaming it Wise², with more ‘stretch’ goals by 2020 including, cutting fatal accidents to zero and reducing by half the number of workplace accidents leading to time off (compared to 2014 levels).


Nurturing the unique talents of 100 000 ’Danoners’ to improve performance and promote personal growth and fulfillment.

At Danone we are creating and living in an inclusive and diverse environment, one which can drive our growth as a business, as teams, as members of communities and as individuals.

For us, diversity is vital to have a truly positive impact on breakthrough thinking and working well together for superior results. It’s why in 2016, in line with our Manifesto, we decided to enhance our efforts and enlarge our definition of diversity with a concept called inclusive diversity.

Our inclusive diversity declaration encourages employees to celebrate people’s differences in an environment where they feel free to express themselves. We focus on all types of diversity, from the tangible–gender, age, race, nationality–to the intangible, such as the different ways people think, and their beliefs.

FEMMES EVE Program: promoting women leadership

In 2010, Danone initiated the EVE women leadership program to give the opportunity for women to unleash their potential and be themselves. This cross-company initiative enables us to train more than 300 women and men each year on issues of gender equality, sharing responsibilities and the leadership of tomorrow. 


In 2016, led by the HR teams, we launched inclusive diversity workshops at a local level in Indonesia and France, with one-day workshops attended by managers from different areas and backgrounds to help them develop their people, professionally and personally.

DANONE ACADEMY: fostering professional empowerment

This program aims to accelerate business transformation, people growth and the sharing of Danone’s culture, through distinctive and multiple learning solutions. 

JAGUAR program: supporting young talents. 

This program offers young talents at Danone the opportunity to go to another country in their region for a three to six month assignment. Rolled out in the Americas and in Asia, it’s a great opportunity for our employees to be fast-tracked early on in their careers. 






Danone people actively supporting local communities.

The revolutionary vision outlined by Antoine Riboud in his 1972 Marseille speech, what we at Danone call, “the dual economic and social project”, became a milestone in Danone company culture. This is what makes Danone a unique company with “something special inside”. Since then, our employees have shared the strong  values of Humanism, Openness, Proximity, Enthusiasm and Self awareness (what we call HOPES), It’s these values which are translated into projects that are rooted in local communities, thanks to the commitment of our teams everywhere.

LA DANONERS WORLD CUP : more than just football competition

Every two year since 1998, the Danoners’ World Cup brings together Danoners for an international football competition that embodies our open and collaborative corporate culture, as well as our commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles for our employees. More than a football competition, it is the story of a joyful encounter.


Danoners expressed a wish to have greater opportunities to volunteer their time, expertise and engagement in order to help others. As a result, the Danone Volunteering Month was created and is an optional program that will take place for the first time in June 2016 in Danone local subsidiaries all over the world. All Danoners will be invited to start or develop local community initiatives where they live and work. These actions will be connected to their mission and to the ambitions of Danone 2020.