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Longer, healthier lives

Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition is driven by a powerful purpose: to pioneer nutritional discoveries that help people live longer, healthier lives. Nutricia works closely with the scientific community to develop evidence-based Foods for Special Medical Purposes that deliver positive and proven differences to the health of patients of all ages.

Medical nutrition: live better at any age

With a proud heritage that stretches back over 120 years, Nutricia supports patients across a broad range of medical conditions, enhancing recovery and improving quality of life.  We do this through specific nutrition management and through the wide range of support services that we offer.

 The Medical Nutrition business aims to:

  • ensure that nutrition is integrated in healthcare as part of disease therapy
  • deliver a paediatric nutrition range that supports infants and children affected by metabolic disorders, faltering growth or allergy
  • deliver an adult nutrition range that supports those who are undergoing medical treatment, whether hospitalized or recovering. 


With public spending on healthcare becoming increasingly constrained, medical nutrition can be a simple solution that brings essential savings to both hospitals and the community. Cost savings are driven by improvements in patients’ health (better patient outcomes), such as fewer complications and reduced mortality. Compared to standard care, the use of Oral Nutritional Supplements reduces the length of stay in hospital of surgical patients by approximately 2 days (corresponding to ~13% reduction). This generates a saving of around 10% of total healthcare costs.