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Our nutrition approach

Eating practices and cultures are intertwined. That’s why Danone has decided to develop its core business by taking each aspect of food and drink consumption into consideration. This task is both difficult and multifaceted in today’s complex environment.

In order to do so, our nutrition model and its three global R&D programmes - NutriPlanet, NutriWays, NutriImpact – has been designed with two goals in mind. Enhancing the superiority and local relevance of our products. And connecting and co-creating with local stakeholders.

Nutrition model@danone: from understandind to measuring

engage with stakeholders
Understand Eating & Drinking practices
To develop solutions fit with the nutritional needs and sociocultural realities, ensuring that our products and categories are relevant to local consumers.
Create Healthier alternatives
To understand the reality of consumption, the dynamics between foods and drinks in the consumer’s diet and quantify those dynamics.
Measure Impact on diet and health
To study the effects of consuming our products, we measure their impact on diet quality and their ties to health