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Danone’s commitment to bringing health through food is as old as we are. In 1919 our founder Isaac Carasso began making yogurt to help children with intestinal infections, using cultures from the Pasteur Institute. In the 1920s he sold his first yogurts in Barcelona pharmacies before expanding into grocery stores.

For nearly a century, we’ve been faithful to his original purpose, selling healthy, delicious products tailored to the nutritional needs and eating habits of our consumers. Fresh Dairy Products, Waters, Early Life Nutrition and Medical Nutrition–all of our ranges share the same goal: offering innovative, top-quality products that meet the expectations of consumers at every stage of life. And while our business is about nourishing people and helping them take care of their health, we never forget that it’s also about helping them live better lives and share their enjoyment with others.

Now more than ever, consumers are concerned with food. The revolution now underway is shaping how products are made and consumed, as well as our approach to preserving resources and protecting the environment.

Every day we embrace our commitment to favoring healthier eating and drinking habits through a portfolio of products that are enjoyed on a daily basis, and a broad variety of activities. To explain our vision of alimentation we use the symbol of a tree.

The leaves represent nine health priorities to which Danone contributes through its food categories and brands acting for healthier diets and lifestyles. They are clustered in three main areas of action: building health capital starting in the earliest days of life, maintaining it throughout life, and protecting it when most vulnerable.

The trunk illustrates the key role of our brands. By delivering a Superior experience and offering healthier choices and solutions tailored to local needs, we can impact on a greater number of people.

Lastly, the roots show our actions aimed at addressing environmental challenges, such as fighting climate change, preserving the water cycle, fostering sustainable agriculture, and developing responsible packaging.